Monday, 8 October 2012

My Friend Flicka - Movie Review ~ Part 2

Here is part two.

Now I want to discuss the overall movie quality.

Firstly the music. Okay, it is an old movie, right, so the music is old (make that ancient). The actual tune of the music is quite cool though, just a bit tinny. Thing is, you sometimes have music when you don't really need it, and not when you could really do with it.

Then there's the filming/photography. Basically this was okay, nothing special, but the scenery was amazing, the real place!

As for the acting.....old actors tend to be ....well, maybe it's just me, but they just seem a bit weird, just a little too life-like. Which reminds me, the storyline is incredibly close to the book - almost too close; except for on thing: they removed one character, and added another. The added character, as I mentioned in part one, was Hildy, and the character they removed was Howard McLaughlin. Ken's brother Howard was the typical older brother, always teasing him about his low grades, and his day-dreaming, AND he has a colt of his own, Highboy, which annoys Ken most of all.

I like the opening credits though; the names on pages of a book that were turned.

The stunts are good too, you don't have stunties to ride the horses, which adds to the authenticty of the film; you don't have to avoid showing both horse and rider at the same time.

I would reccomend the movie for any age, and the book for 10 years and up, except it has bad language, which is not put into the movie.

Overall I would give My Friend Flicka a 6/10 for quality, and 8/10 for authenticity.


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