Monday, 17 September 2012

Movie Review - My Friend Flicka - Part One


Finally found the real thing!
Old as anything, but at least it's genuine!
Anyway, to start the review, I'll go through the characters in the film.
1. Ken McLaughlin:
Okay, Roddy McDowall is a good actor, but his VOICE!  His ACCENT!! He sounds like
some English girl!! Anyway, back to the character.
Let's just say he's a flunk at schoolwork. (aren't we all??)
Seen there with Diana Hale, who plays Hildy. More about her in a sec.
But, first, I'll go to the second most important character.
2. Flicka:
Only picture I could get.
Um... she's pretty...not loco..
hey, she's a horse, so she does her job!
3. Robert (or Rob) McLaughlin:
The only picture I could find of him. Obviously not Preston Foster's most famous movie.
He plays Rob pretty well.
4. Nell McLaughlin:
Actor Rita Johnson.
She does not look like that in the movie!
5. Hildy:
Hildy is a made-up character. But, hey, improvements can be good.
She's a real talkative, cute, little girl, who acts very grown up.
Probably eats too much too!
"Whenever I do sumpin' dumb, my momma says I sure am like the old man.
And whenever I do sumpin' smart, my pop says I sure don't take after the old lady."
Yes, she wears a dress sometimes.
Another favourite quote:
Ken - "Hildy, don't do that! Cigarette will kick you!"
Hildy - "He better don't, or I'll kick 'im back!"
She'd be on my list of the top ten cutest kids in movies!
Gus & Tim are farmhands. Hildy is Gus's daughter.
Next time - Part Two.