Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Movie Review ~ Frozen (2013)

I recently saw Frozen the cinema in Feilding. This is SUCH a COOL movie! (No pun and some pun intended.)

The film is full of action, humour, and INCREDIBLE music! The songs and music are so neat!

Okay, so I'm going to try a slightly different approach to this review: since this is a new movie, I don't want to give too much away.

Anna is the main character. She is the princess of Arendelle, daughter of the king and queen who die in a shipwreck. She is probably my favourite Disney heroines (if they can be called "heroines"). She is fun, kind, humorous and slightly naive. She is a very like-able character. Being naive is her weakpoint; because she has been locked up in the castle all her life (ever since she was 5 (see picture)) .

She doesn't know a lot about the world. Not in an extreme way, like Rapunzel in Tangled, just that she's been isolated for a long, long time. 

She is brave on the impulse of the moment and loves her sister very much.
"Mmm, chocolate!"

Elsa is Anna's older sister who was born with a magical but dangerous power that allows her to "conduct" ice from her fingers. When the 
girls are little, Elsa is playing with her "ice" and she accidentally strikes Anna on the head, making her unconscious. Anna is healed, but if it had struck Anna's heart, she would have died. So Elsa is kept inside her room all the time, and she has to try to control her powers. But, Elsa's powers are getting stronger as she grows older. Eventually, on the day she is old enough to be crowned queen, the power is so strong she has to try very hard to control it.

On the day of the coronation, Anna is ecstatic that she is finally "released" to the world. She falls in love for the first time, and sings "Love is an Open Door", one of my favourite songs (which is a pity ;) But I don't want to give any spoilers).

Yes, there's a horse. And he is a little bit like Maximus from "Tangled", but has a very minor part.

When Elsa gets upset at the Coronation party, she accidentally reveals her powers in front of everyone.
She flees from the kingdom, thinking she can live alone and hide.

The people of Arendelle are scared of Elsa, and some set out after her to chain her up, thinking she is a danger and a monster. 

At the same time, Anna sets out to bring her sister back. On the way she meets lonely, awkward, but dashing Kristoff

his reindeer Sven

and the lovable snowman, Olaf

Helped by her new friends, Anna sets off to find her sister and discover the truth....with a few twists.
Let's just say people aren't always what they seem ;).

This movie has adventure, (a little romance), excitement and humour (mostly provided by Olaf).

Overall, I think I would give this movie 9/10.


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    1. Hi! Thanks :)
      I did email using the address as on your blog - I'll try this address!